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How many times has it happend that you had a contact in your phone book for a long time and suddenly when you need it, you figure out that the other person has changed his number.

Or lets say the mobile company has launched a new series of numbers which you are very interested in buying as the number you are getting is your lucky number or spells your name or may be in triplets so that its easy to remember, but you can't buy it or have to keep multiple numbers as you are worried about leaving your old number.

Solving this problem for you is just a matter of very very few clicks, just put your old number in and to infinity if any of your old friend/relative looks up your number, we'll give him free. However, if you are one of those charming, chased person and want to hide your new number from unwanted people, we have just the right match of security policies for you. While registering can opt for setting a security questionair or self approval through email. So for heighest level of security will ask for your permission before letting your number go into your old buddy's hands.

We believe in Open source and free software/services on internet and will continue to support the same, keeping our services forever free for you.

So now no need to try hard looking for changed numbers, just come to www.way2contact.com and walk away with direct contacts to your old buddy.

For those interested in knowing us; we're a bunch of techno geeks combined with a right mix of business analysts. We always have some great ideas cropping up in our minds, some get implemented, some require collaborators.

As of now, this site is just a start, we have lot more coming up for you, so keep in touch!


Shivakshi Chaudhary
Prashant Chaudhary
Vinay Chaudhary

For any queries send an email to: info@way2contact.com

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