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Way2contact connects friends, collegues, relatives by providing a means to find, search, look up, locate their new number using their old number. Did your friends changed mobile number while you were away? Find the new number using old numbers with the new Way 2 Contact!!

So if my mobile number has changed recently then I would register myself here so that if any of my friend who has my old mobile number existing with him can easily find my new number by using it. All I have to do is register myself and keep my mobile number updated on Way2contact so that if any of my lost friend requires my number then they can find it here.

If you do not find the lost mobile number then you can set an email notification/alert so that whenever in future the moible number you were looking for is registered with us, we will send an alert so that you can reunite with your old lost friend.

So if your friend's mobile number has changed recently or he/she forgot to tell you when he/she changed their mobile numbers, then our site is the mobile number tracker for you. Link your old numbers so that friends who have your old number can find your new number.

It is a site which keeps you in sync with your contacts, no matter how long you've not been in touch with them.

For example: When you change your phone number, you text as many people as possible to tell them your new number. However, invariably, you'll miss someone out and/or there will be organisations who need your new number. That's where Way2Contact would be helpful. When you change your phone number, you register both your old number and your new number with the website. If someone rings the old number and gets an unobtainable tone, they could then think to check your number on Way2Contact.com.

For any queries send an email to: info@way2contact.com

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